On our planned launch

First off we would like to sincerely thank each and everyone who signed up and joined our Discord. We do not take your time and attention for granted.

As you may have seen from the official Chia channels, the pooling protocol has been scheduled for release on May 31st, this coming Monday. It was originally scheduled for the 17th, which would have given us 2 weeks to develop the necessary infrastructure to launch or pool. Further communication from the Chia team indicates that even though the protocol itself will go live on the 31st as planned, it will most likely need to be extensively tested before being fully rolled out to main net.

Given this new trajectory, it appears unlikely that we will be able to launch our pool quite as quickly as we had hoped, as is probably the case for most other pools as well. In fact, we would exercise caution when evaluating pools that launch shortly after the 31st, as it means they might be using untested software which might work, but most likely contains bugs and potential security risks.

We are not willing to compromise on the quality of our software or the security of our users in order to be the first to launch.

Our focus is on delivering a product that is reliable and secure, because we believe that in the long term, there is no proxy for user satisfaction.

So when can you expect to join our pool?

Having said all of the above, we are still aiming to be one of the earliest pools on the market.

We are currently hard at work setting up the necessary infrastructure, and are making every effort to ensure it scales to reach demand and is resilient to any attacks. Our Dev team will also participate in a QA session with the Chia team next week to gather information and address any lingering questions regarding the pooling protocol. At this point however, our best bet for a release is during the first or second week of June. We are also contemplating a testnet release with beta testers before an official launch which might occur as soon as the beginning of next week.

On comparison with other pools

We are flattered to be considered a choice amongst all the other pools in the space.

We would like to reiterate that we are ourselves farmers who came together to create a pool for ourselves that would satisfy our own high standards. We are not YouTubers or influencers, and as such we may not have the biggest following. We are engineers and problem solvers, our greatest asset is our combined skillsets and knowledge, derived from years of experience working in the crypto space, starting profitable businesses, and writing mission critical software for satellites orbiting earth.

Lastly, we are proud to be based in South East Asia and cater to this market. In addition to a profitable pool server, we hope to create a community that unites people across this region around a shared interest. If you disagree with this premise, this might not be the pool for you.

On decision to remaining anonymous

This is partly due to an abundance of caution. From our experience, starting projects in the crypto space, which unfortunately has its fair share of scammers, can be a dangerous endeavor. Revealing your identity does indeed add legitimacy but it also involves painting a target on your back for scammers and malicious bad actors. For now we would like the focus to remain on our product, and have the quality of our work speak for itself, as opposed to on us. However, we plan to register a company shortly after launch, at which time we will proudly come forward. Until then you are more than welcome to come and get to know us in our Discord server πŸ‘‹.

In the meantime, Happy Plotting

The founders